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Mass Effect: Characters and their voice actors.

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Garrus and Thane, Dragon Effect didn’t ref any particular DA characters for these two.

The storyline I’m thinking for Garrus is that turians are a regularly integrated part of society and as with Mass Effect where they make up the bulk of C-sec they often fulfill the role of town guards and in Garrus’ case he’s risen to become a captain of a wealthy trading town, hence his somewhat ostentatious get-up. He’d be a melee/ranged fighter.

For Thane I’d see him as belonging to a small almost forgotten order with the purpose of finding and eliminating wild dragons or wyrms.  That’s why he’s wearing a light dragon scale outfit and the glowing stone set into his chestpiece is a gem that embues him with added marksmanship powers.

Next up was going to be Tali/Liara but I really want to do Mordin so I think I’m gonna give him a shot, not sure who will be paired with him yet, might just have it be Tali anyway since I’m sure she’d be a popular choice .  I’ll pair Liara with Javik when I get around to it.

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Today, BioWare co-founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk have announced they are retiring from BioWare. Both have written blogs to discuss their retirement – click HERE for Ray’s and click HERE for Greg’s. Please join us in wishing them all the best in the future. Also, Aaryn Flynn, General Manager of BioWare Edmonton & Montreal shares his thoughts about Ray and Greg and what is coming up for BioWare HERE.


Love this.


Love this.